Camtrap update: Tigrillo

From the lastest camera trap placement comes this little guy...

Leopardus pardalis captured by a camera trap placed in Payamino secondary rainforest, Ecuadorian Amazon.
© Xaali O'Reilly

This is an ocelot (ES: tigrillo, Sc: Leopardus pardalis), found in rainforests throughout the neotropical mainland and on some mesoamerican islands, such as Trinidad; there have even been sightings in the southernmost United States.

They are larger and much heavier than your average house cat. That said, ocelots as house cats are not unheard of: the Catalan artist Salvador Dalí (think melting clocks) owned an ocelot called Babou. However, these are wild animals and I believe they should remain as such.

Although it is not the first time a picture of an ocelot has been captured by a Timburi-based camera trap, it's the first ocelot recorded in my project thus far so wanted to show him/her off – can you blame me?


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