Happy World Turtle Day! 2014

To celebrate World Turtle Day (and here I'm using the word turtle broadly to mean all Testudines/Chelonia), here are some photos of sea turtles I took while snorkelling around León Dormido and Giant Galápagos tortoises on Santa Cruz, both in the Galápagos Islands. Plus a drawing that I don't appear to ever have finished... Drawing turtle wrinkles is really boring.

© X O'Reilly

© X O'Reilly, 2013 
© X O'Reilly, 2013
© X O'Reilly, 2013

Chillin' © X O'Reilly, 2013

Oops, that's what that noise was... © X O'Reilly, 2013
Hanging out with the galápagos – they couldn't even see me from that angle © A Bertolotti, 2013
Sea turtle I drew at the bus terminal in Quito on my way back to the Amazon from the Galápagos. © X O'Reilly, 2013


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